Thank you so much for checking us out. We hope that we can be a place that you will find real people, living real lives, and genuinely desiring a real place to belong.
Here at The Heartland we desire to grow in a true relationship with our Father and to be a bright light in our community. We are committed to God’s Word and love to celebrate life. The first thing people usually notice about us is our genuineness and heart felt love for others; no matter what their background. That’s the way we like it; pure, simple, and genuine. 
At The Heartland, we are not just about Sunday mornings. We are all about finding a place to belong and building relationships. The Body of Christ is a family and we believe that spending time together is vital to living this awesome life God has given us.  You’ll find we always have something going on so we can hang out together.
God is blessing us with amazing people and amazing opportunities to share Jesus to the world around us. So, if you’re someone desiring for a place to belong and wanting to experience the freedom of life in Jesus Christ, then come visit us and discover what we are all about.